NA Control Timer II

NA CONTROL TIMER II – a renewed model of NA Control Timer, is an essential need for the daily aquarium maintenance. Same as the conventional NA Control Timer, a loaded solenoid valve is opened to supply CO₂ in conjunction with the lighting circuit when activated. As the light being turned off, aeration will be started. It makes timer set-up easier than the previous model, and also allows you to switch the frequency.
For the well-regulated daily maintenance of planted aquariums, ADA introduces NA Control Timer II, a sophisticated evolutionary design with aluminum exterior, to hobbyists.

* NA Control Timer Ⅱ can be concurrently connected with 2 Solar RGBs.
* NA Control Timer Ⅱ is compatible with only one unit of Solar I or Grand Solar.

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EL Valve

EL Valve is an solenoid valve for CO2 supply. It can be connected with a commercially available electric timer, and it can control CO2 supply automatically with an electromagnetic valve.

* Voltage / AC100V 50/60Hz
* Use with only ADA genuine regulators.

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