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Advanced System
CO2 Advanced System - Forest  .jpg

CO2 Advanced System - Forest

ADA’s standard CO2 supply kit, CO2 Advanced System, has been redesigned to give you an affordable package with CO2 System 74/Ver.2 and all the essentials. CO2 ADVANCED SYSTEM – FOREST is compact, containing Pollen Glass EZ, a new quality glass CO2 diffuser with built-in bubble counter. In addition, for its attractive appearance, the kit comes with a metal stand for CO2 cylinder, instead of the Cap Stand. ADVANCED SYSTEM – FOREST is a perfect CO2 supply kit for beginners with the aquarium tank 60 cm in width or smaller.

Set contents/
CO2 System 74-YA/Ver.2
CO2 Forest Bottle
Pollen Glass EZ
Check Valve
Ball Valve
CO2 Metal Stand
Pressure-Resistant Tube (Clear type)
Silicone Tube
Suction Cups
Pipette for cleaning

* Green Bacter is not included.
* CO2 Advanced System (previous edition) will be discontinued once it’s sold out.
* CO2 Pollen Glass EZ and Metal Stand contained in the kit are not separately available for sales.

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Forest Bottle
CO2 Forest Bottle  .jpg

CO2 Forest Bottle

CO2 FOREST BOTTLE, a replacement CO2 cartridge for CO2 System 74series such as CO2 ADVANCED SYSTEM FOREST, is now released.
The package design is entirely renewed. It comes without any packaging and can be used immediately.
By adding CO2 into your planted aquarium, it gives a freshening aroma of forest.

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CO2 Forest Bottle

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System 74-YA/Ver.2
CO2 System 74-YA_Ver.2  .jpg

CO2 System 74-YA/Ver.2

YA is the standard-grade regulator for CO2 small cartridge. We value both safety and function, and chose to use reliable Japanese parts, such as floating needle for opening the cartridge, and high-precision speed controller.


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CO2 System 74-SA  .jpg
System 74-SA

CO2 System 74-SA

Modelo de regulador de CO2 de altas prestaciones para cartuchos desechables CO2 Forest Bottle. Permite controlar la presión de descarga entre los valores: 0-0.35MPa, y controlar la presión de varios acuarios en los que se dispensará el CO2.

* A bottle of CO2 System 74 Tropical Forest No.1 Amazonian included.





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Cap Stand  .jpg
Cap Stand

Cap Stand

It is a stand for CO2 System 74 cartridge. Metal Cap Stand made of stainless steel is also available. The cartridge bottle must be used in a upright position.


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Clear Stand for CO2 System 74  .jpg
Clear Stand

Clear Stand for CO2 System 74

Soporte para cartuchos de CO2 especialmente diseñado para la serie 74. Ubíquelo en el lateral del acuario de forma elegante. Su material acrílico transparente combina perfectamente con los acuarios sin marco Cube Garden.

* Mountable on the side panel of pool type aquarium tank 6mm or less in thickness.
* The regulator and CO2 cartridge shown in the image photo are not included in the product package.
* It is not possible to use with Do!aqua CO2 Starter Kit.

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